Fem4scholar at your university?

Are you aiming at an career in academia, especially in the humanities but your are confused and unsure about the structures occurring on the way to a PhD and beyond?

Starting from July 2019, you will be able to learn all about conference presentations, academic job market strategies, fundings, the pursuit to the PhD, stress management and much more via coaching videos.

In this coaching you can learn all about the structures and strategies you need to survive academia and become a PhD survivor. The coaching will be structured in modules and you will be able to choose from different topics and also combine coaching more than one module or book the whole course.

If you are interested in join fem4scholar for an online coaching process, sent an e-mail to: ca.schriever@uni-oldenburg.de.

Fem4scholar will have mentoring groups at the following universities:

University of Oldenburg

University of Bremen

Humboldt University of Berlin

Manchester University

University of Heidelberg

University of Flensburg


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